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Catch 22 (Trailer) (2020)

This teaser-trailer and pitch bible are a collaborative work for pitching a series concept which I directed.

The show is based on the absurdist war-novel "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller, but instead of the battle fields of the second world war, it takes place in the near future in the offices of a giant corporation.

Genre: Sci-Fi (Mundane)

Target audience: Young adults

Have a look at our pitch bible:

The gist of it

In the near future, John works in the offices of a giant corporation named Inicorp.

John wants to quit. But there's a catch - a catch 22.

My role

I directed this 2 months long project with a team of 5 and was also responsible for storyboarding the montage, concept development, character development and worldbuilding, some prop design as well as casting and directing voice actors, picking and editing music and SFX and compositing.

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