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Complex History -AR (2021)

The school complex at Sikkelstraat in Rotterdam has changed its use and visitors many times during its almost 100 years of existence - with this animated experience in Augmented Reality, we allow people to look through the windows into the building's past, present and future.

My role in this project

For this collaborative project, I designed the sound and took part in concept development, animation and technical preparation.


In 1923 the complex was the biggest school complex in the country. It housed 3 different educational institutions.

Scene 1

1948- Among other things, this was a primary school.

Scene 2

1970 - The building was also used as a middle school and eventually as a college.

Scene 3

2012 - Eventually, the building was sold and people were living here in temporary housing.

Scene 4

2016- The building was sold again, but the new owners had different plans for the building - and the tenants got locked out of their apartments with no warning.

Scene 5

2020 - Nothing ever came of the plans for renovation and the building was sold to the city. It stood empty for a while until new investors became aware of it.

Scene 6

2021 (year of production) - Plans have been made to redevelop the former school complex into rental housing. Construction is set to continue until 2023.

This scene had no animation and shows only the credits on the windows with the sound of construction coming from the building.

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