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I am crying all the time and I don't know why (2021)

This 3-minute short film about crying deals with topics of vulnerability and shame. It is a collaborative project, in which I was responsible for directing, concepting, interviews, writing and sound design. Noémie Kohl provided visual design and animation.

Runtime: 2'55"

Genre: Poetry Film

Technique: 2D Animation, Riso Print

Poster (1).jpg


The short film is projected on paper in a handmade, comfortable tent that can fit 3-4 people at a time. This allows the viewers to feel immersed and vulnerable in a private, comfortable environment.

Visual style

Noémie and I were inspired by "A Loveletter To The One I Made Up" by Rachel Gutgarts to utilize Riso printing for this film.

The "imperfect" prints make the themes of imperfection and "weakness" palpable and the rough textures and grain lend the it a rough, tactile, visceral appeal that supports the feeling of raw emotions.

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-29 at 3.22_edited.jpg


The poem is constructed from quotes of several interviews on the topic of crying with my friends and myself.

I recorded it on different locations, moving from inside the house to more and more public places, in support of the underlying theme of moving from the inside to the outside.

Behind the film

I always felt like I cry more than other people.

With this short film, I wanted to compare my experience to those of other people so I could connect with and learn about this part of me.

I wanted the film to feel intimate and personal to invite viewers to connect with the story.

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