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Catch 22


In the near future, John works in the offices of a giant corporation named Inicorp.

John wants to quit. But there's a catch - a catch 22.

Runtime: 04'02"

Genre: Mundane Sci-Fi Sit-Com

Technique: Frame-by-frame, digital cut-out animation

Target audience: Young Adults

The gist of it

This teaser-trailer and pitch bible are a collaborative pitch for a TV show concept that we made during our second study year.

The show is based on the absurdist war-novel "Catch 22" by Joseph Heller, but instead of the battle fields of the second world war, it takes place in the near future in the offices of a giant corporation.

In a team of five, we worked together as a sudio  to create a convincing trailer and pitch bible for this sci-fi adaptation of Catch 22 targeted towards young adults.

My Role

This two month long group project was my first directing experience. In addition to concept development, I was responsible for storyboarding the montage, character development and worldbuilding I also designed some of the props,  casted and directed voice actors, picked and edited music and SFX and composited.

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