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eCows in Agbogbloshie (2021)


What if we fused plasic eating fungi with robotics to help us solve one of humanity's great problems?

Runtime: 2'46"

Genre: Mockumentary

Technique: 2D Animation, Cut-out animation, Greenscreening

In this speculative design projects, presented as a news reel, we explored what a world would look like where the sciences of robotics and mycology came together. Based on current experiments in plastic-decomposition through fungi such as oyster mushrooms, we brought to life a herd of cow-ajacent robots that graze on landfills, drop bundles of copper and leave oyster mushrooms to harvest.

My Role

I directed this project and was responsible for animation, sound and compositing, as well as being involved in designing the eCow and doing additional research on plastic eating fungi.

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