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Good Enough (graduation film)


Three people confront their fears of inadequacy.

Runtime: ~4 minutes

Status: work in progress

Techniques: Digital animation, analogue animation, Riso print, lithograhy, etching, monoprint

For this short film exploring what it means to be good enough, I am collaborating with Noémie Kohl and Noa MacDonald. The film follows three individuals as they confront their fears of inadequacy in different situations. Utilizing vibrant, textured Riso prints for real-world scenes and black-and-white etching and lithography for the characters' emotional worlds, we embrace and celebrate imperfection and traditional printmaking.

Currently, this is a work in progress set to be finished in 2024.

As writer and director of this collaborative project, I conceptualized the idea and coordinated the work of my collaborators. I conducted interviews for inspiration, led the storyboarding, and handled sound design. I also took on some responsibilities as a co-producer and co-line producer.

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