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I'm crying all the time and I don't know why


We ask ourselves why we are crying and try to answer without shame or fear.

Runtime: 2'55"

Genre: Poetry Film

Technique: 2D Animation, Riso Print

About the film

In this collaborative project, Noemie Kohl and I explored topics of vulnerability and shame through Riso-printed animation. Inspired by Rachel Gutgarts' "A Loveletter To The One I Made Up," we used print as an error-prone medium to emphasize themes of imperfection and raw emotion. The narration features a poem constructed from quotes gathered through interviews, recorded in varying locations to reflect a journey from private to public spaces. 

During the internal exhibition at Willem de Kooning Academie, we projected the film on paper inside a handmade tent to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere for the viewers. This is what it looked like:

My Role

As the director and conceptor of this project, I was responsible for conducting interviews, scriptwriting, and sound design. My curiosity to explore the topic of crying stemmed from a personal exploration of vulnerability and my desire to understand how and why it is connected to shame. By exploring other people's narratives around crying through interviews, I aimed to create a film that feels intimate and personal and invites the viewer to connect with their own emotions and embrace vulnerability.

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